What is VPS hosting? – The basics for beginners

If you as a web designer or developer need a more flexible hosting solution, simple shared hosting is often no longer sufficient. Are you ready for the next step? Use a Virtual Private server (VPS) in the future. We'll explain what VPS hosting is, how it works, and the benefits you get from it.

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VPS stands for Virtual Private Server & uses virtualization giải pháp công nghệ to provide dedicated resources on a server with multiple users. Since you get dedicated vps space with VPS, it is more stable and secure than regular shared hosting. You can compare a VPS khổng lồ a condo, where you get your own physical space within a larger building that you cốt truyện with other renters. In comparison, shared hosting is more lượt thích an apartment, while a dedicated vps is like owning your own home.

Why is VPS a good choice for web designers và developers?
There are numerous features of VPS hosting that are beneficial to web designers & developers, especially those hosting websites for multiple clients:
Dedicated Resources Get
high-performance SSDs (Solid State Drives) to lớn serve your websites super-fast with unlimited traffic và the ability lớn easily expand resources as your business grows. Best of all, you don't have to giới thiệu your resources, they're all yours!
Accessing the Control Panel
There are several options for managing accounts, whether you prefer a Linux or Windows environment. You can use WHM, Plesk or ISPconfig. & you can even mix up individual cPanel or Plesk accounts for each customer. We'll explain what that is later in the article.
Full Control & Fixed Costs
You can create your own hosting packages within your control panel và set resource limits for your customers. Unlike cloud hosting, the cost does not fluctuate, making it easy for you to plan your budget. The good thing about VPS is that you have a fixed monthly fixed price.
You have these VPS options with Host Europe
There are two categories of Host Europe's advanced VPS hosting options: VPS & managed VPS, that is, hệ thống products with an operating system fully managed by Host Europe, such as the cPanel WebServer & Classic WebServer products .
VPS Hosting: The Differences Between VPS & Managed VPS
  • VPS – With a classic VPS (Virtual Private Server) , you are responsible for managing the vps yourself.
  • Who is VPS suitable for & what are the advantages?
  • Ideal for experienced users who want full control.
  • When you need high & dedicated server performance.
  • If you want khổng lồ choose your own operating system: Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu or Windows Server.
  • VPS are easy to lớn manage with control panels: such as Plesk Obsidian, cPanel/WHM, không lấy phí ISPconfig...
  • More information about Host Europe's Virtual server products
Manages VPS – Host Europe manages your servers for you.
  • For whom are managed VPS suitable and what are the advantages?
  • Powerful solutions for security-conscious customers - we take care of the administration và security updates for you.
  • Managed VPS can be used flexibly & managed conveniently.
  • You have more time for your customers' orders.
  • Do you have questions or problems? You can reach our tư vấn 24/7/365.
Access Levels và Control Panels
In the following, we will introduce you lớn the basics of managing a virtual private server.
  • Root Access: This is the advanced way to lớn manage và administrate a Linux server. You can use the command line by connecting khổng lồ your hệ thống via SSH (Secure Shell) in Terminal or PuTTY.
  • RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol): RDP is the advanced way of managing và administering a Windows server. It uses a Windows desktop environment that you can connect lớn remotely. It looks identical lớn a Windows operating system you would find on a trang chủ computer; it just has a lot more settings & options.
  • Plesk: Plesk can run on Windows or Linux servers. It is a website hosting control panel used lớn set up websites, reseller accounts, email accounts và DNS. It is one of the most flexible control panels as it can also run virtualization & container platforms by default. It also allows you khổng lồ set up virtualization containers lượt thích Docker containers. Ideal for anyone who enjoys phầm mềm development or maybe does more front-end app programming, such as React.

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What's new in Host Europe VPS hosting?
These new VPS features from Host Europe make our VPS solution so unique:
  • Global Platform: VPS focuses on optimizing performance, with industry-leading technology lượt thích OpenStack with KVM, super-fast SSD drives with up to lớn 3x faster data access, & global data centers. Choose your preferred hệ thống location from state-of-the-art data centers in Europe, North America or Asia-Pacific và benefit from faster page loads & a better user experience.
  • Resource Tiers: VPS gives you great resource flexibility, allowing you to lớn start small và scale up as needed. Options include: 1 to lớn 8 vCPUs, 1 to 32 GB RAM, và 20 khổng lồ 400 GB SSD storage. Upgrading lớn a larger hàng hóa is completely automatic, you don't have to vị anything.
  • Management Layers: There are various management options, so you don't need to lớn be an expert khổng lồ get started with VPS. The mặc định VPS option is self-managed và offers a variety of operating system options.
  • New Features: Some of the new features of VPS make it easy lớn manage a server và maximize performance. You get uptime & resource usage monitoring and notifications.
Simple và convenient hệ thống management with Plesk Obsidian
With Plesk Obsidian, you have an administration tool at your disposal with which you can manage và secure your VPS quickly, easily and conveniently, of course in the comprehensive website Host Edition VPS.
Why you should use Plesk Obsidian lớn manage your VPS
Plesk Obsidian is a control panel that vps admins use khổng lồ set up và manage practically everything on their server: from websites khổng lồ reseller accounts. In the latest form of Plesk, Plesk Obsidian offers you an improved user interface & many new optimizations for managing, securing and monitoring your server.
Of course, with VPS hosting you can also manage both servers with the Linux operating system and servers with the Windows operating system via the command line, provided you vì not want to lớn use a control panel.
How to set up your VPS with Plesk Obsidian
  • Order a VPS and choose the desired operating system.
  • When ordering, enable the Plesk Obsidian website Host Edition option.
  • As soon as the product is available to lớn you, you can choose the desired hệ thống location during the initial setup.
  • Then create your first website: choose a domain that you have already ordered. Choose a username và password.
  • With Plesk you can secure your domains easily and miễn phí of charge with a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate and of course every subdomain. You only need a few clicks for this.
The Plesk Obsidian dashboard navigation
Plesk's navigation is easy and puts the websites themselves first, rather than separating trang web administration from vps administration. Plesk has sidebar navigation, icon navigation, and a tìm kiếm function. However, the sites are first displayed in the main area via the icons, & the icon navigation is collapsible.
Four Key Benefits of Plesk
  1. Website Management: Plesk's trang chủ screen puts websites first. You can see site settings, manage WordPress updates, PHP/ASP settings, statistics and much more.
  2. Database management: You get tools for managing databases such as MySQL and MSSQL, which help you with installation, user management và much more.
  3. Multilingualism: Plesk allows using PHP as well as ASP và you can install different versions of each language.
  4. Services & Processes: With Plesk you can easily stop và restart individual processes.
Plesk Extensions
Because Plesk's focus is on the control panel, it has an phầm mềm store so you can easily địa chỉ extensions for specific needs. Some of them are:
  • migration tools
  • networks
  • configuration changes
  • CMS toolkits
  • Server Tools
  • backup management
You can also install additional programming languages ​​that are not natively available on the server.
The WordPress Toolkit: a highlight for the convenient administration of WordPress sites
The WordPress Toolkit is a suite of WordPress tools that come preinstalled on Plesk. It automates & simplifies many standard WordPress functions, such as WordPress installation, plugin và theme management, remote site management, updates, & more.
Want lớn know more about Plesk's WordPress Toolkit? We have compiled the most important functions for you in this article: “Manage WordPress customer sites easily with the WordPress toolkit from Plesk”
What is VPS hosting? - Conclusion
We hope you now have a good overview of VPS hosting and how Host Europe's VPS products và management options work. Our team of experts on +49 221 99999 305 will be happy khổng lồ answer any further questions you may have about our products, their functions và help you choose the tariff that is right for you