Companies are increasingly relying on cloud services such as Microsoft 365 when it comes lớn their thư điện tử communication. You store important emails and file attachments on cloud servers and assume that they are safe there. But what if the service fails? Björn-Arne Meyn, Senior product Manager at MailStore, shows why the cloud does not offer automatic protection for emails và explains why using an email archiving solution should be an essential part of any IT strategy.

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Scalability, cost savings, more efficient and productive work: Cloud computing offers companies undisputed added value, which is why they are increasingly moving their data and processes lớn the cloud. Even medium-sized companies are now working with public cloud services to lớn benefit from the advantages. Email communication is now also increasingly taking place via this, email traffic is constantly filling up the cloud services booked by companies. However, in March 2021 it became apparent that working with cloud computing also harbors risks: When a major fire broke out in the Strasbourg data center of the cloud provider OVHcloud, numerous servers were destroyed. All of the data from thousands of customers hosted on the affected servers was irretrievably lost.
Cloud services do not automatically offer security
The incident in Strasbourg shows that e-mail traffic in the cloud is not automatically & permanently secure - not even the servers have to lớn fall victim to a fire disaster. Even a simple data center failure can result in the loss of critical business communications. This can have serious consequences:
Loss of data and knowledge
Enormous knowledge is lost that has accumulated over several years in the e-mails and their attachments. In addition, important company information contained in the e-mails is lost in an emergency.
Productivity discount
The productivity of the employees suffers due khổng lồ the loss of information or the unavailability of servers, which in the worst case can lead lớn a long-term disruption of day-to-day business.
Legal consequences
Companies can expect legal consequences if emails & attachments are lost. Because the tax and commercial law requirements applicable in Germany, Austria and Switzerland oblige you to lớn keep your e-mails complete, true to lớn the original, tamper-proof & available at all times for many years. This may include any correspondence that prepares, settles, completes, or cancels a transaction, such as invoices, purchase orders, complaint letters, payment slips, & contracts.

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Fulfilling personal responsibility with the help of thư điện tử archiving
However, many companies are not aware of one thing: In most cases, the cloud service provider is not responsible for the security và recovery of the data. In your terms of use or contract, you often point out that your customers are responsible for backing up the data. As customers, the companies themselves are responsible for protecting their data - and consequently their e-mails - from possible loss. This is usually contractually agreed with the »shared responsibility model«. It is therefore essential that companies take measures as part of their email communication so that (critical) data can be restored in an emergency. Otherwise, as a user of the cloud service, the company remains responsible under data protection law within the meaning of the EU GDPR.
Backups alone are not enough
The use of backups and thư điện tử archiving should therefore khung the foundation of such a strategy. It should be noted that backups alone are not sufficient for this purpose. Backup systems secure the desired data at fixed short to medium-term intervals. Therefore, companies should expand their IT strategy with an email archiving solution that is designed lớn store & manage large amounts of data. Because backup and archiving are the cornerstones for an ongoing, IT-supported business and thus for your business continuity.
The advantages of a professional e-mail archiving solution include:
Protection against data loss and legal certainty
With the e-mail archiving solution, all existing và future incoming & outgoing e-mails can be completely archived. In this way, e-mails can be archived before they are delivered lớn the user. Cryptographic methods such as encryption and digital signatures ensure the integrity of the archived emails. In this way, companies guarantee revision and manipulation security as well as the completeness of the entire thư điện tử traffic and data loss can be avoided.
Reduced IT costs và efforts & increased productivity
With the help of email archiving, companies can reduce the costs caused by the management of e-mails in IT. It can be specified whether and when messages that have already been copied should be deleted from the mail server. The storage requirements can often be significantly reduced by outsourcing the e-mails. At the same time, tedious work for IT that results from user-specific requests when restoring e-mails from backups or email servers can be omitted, because an email archiving solution usually also allows efficient access to lớn archived messages & Attachments via a full-text tìm kiếm – also directly for the user.
The cloud has become an integral part of the IT strategy of most companies. However, companies should not become dependent on a single provider. Because your own data is your greatest asset, it is therefore important to maintain your independence. With the help of an thư điện tử archiving solution, companies are able khổng lồ store all e-mail traffic in an audit-proof manner và in the sự kiện of a failure of the cloud services - or in the sự kiện of a disaster in the data center - critical data can be restored & their business can continue.