62 percent of the companies use HCI to provide infrastructures in the data center faster & easier.

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Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) is currently the trend to modernize IT operations. Almost two-thirds of IT decision-makers in Germany have been running an HCI in their own data center for at least two years or have been dealing with this giải pháp công nghệ ever since. According lớn the IT experts, the relevance of the complete solution will increase even more in the future, since HCI exactly meets the high expectations of the users. Around two thirds of the companies surveyed would lượt thích to use the solution to lớn provide infrastructure in the data center faster và more easily.
The modernization of corporate IT is on the agenda in many sectors. HCI makes a significant contribution to lớn this. The current và future importance of this giải pháp công nghệ in future-proof IT was the focus of a partner survey conducted by NetApp in November 2017. 172 integrators, distributors, system houses and service providers in Germany took part in the survey - và put the HCI to lớn the test. In addition khổng lồ their expertise, their evaluation also reflects the experiences và impressions they gather in constant liên hệ with customers. In this way, IT experts see every day how the need for efficient IT operations in companies is growing.

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The vast majority already uses HCI or has already dealt with it
The second generation of hyperconvergent systems hit the market in autumn 2017 - & they beat their predecessor systems by far, especially in terms of scaling & performance. Nevertheless, the first generation already attracted the interest of the professional world: 33 percent of IT specialists have been using HCI for more than three years or are dealing with this technology. Another 28 percent of IT professionals started exploring HCI or installing their first box two lớn three years ago. Altogether, almost two-thirds of the decision-makers have been in the picture for at least two years as far as the complete solution is concerned. This shows the high relevance that these small micro data centers already have today.
Efficient deployment most important to lớn businesses
The expectation of which improvements will move into the data center with HCI are justifiably very high among companies. Because hyperconvergent systems are designed to lớn provide an infrastructure quickly & easily. Their customers hope for this effect the most, according lớn 62 percent of the IT specialists. Next in line among potential users are the desires for a simple IT landscape (34 percent), scalable IT resources (31 percent) and a high degree of flexibility in IT operations (31 percent).
Talk about the virtualization benefit
Progress in corporate IT picked up speed years ago with the emergence of convergent infrastructures. They combine the four vi xử lý core elements of a data center in a preconfigured box: server, storage, network & virtualization. Hyperconvergent infrastructures represent the next evolutionary step, they over the hardware-centric approach. An HCI is software defined. Their functions are operated completely virtually và detached from the hardware.
IT experts think: HCI will play a decisive role in the data center in the future
Flexible scaling, simple management, guaranteed performance và reliability are requirements that a future-proof data center must meet. An HCI already passes this future test, và its practical benefits are convincing. However, the question arises as to lớn how important modern systems will be in data centers in five years' time. Almost half of IT decision-makers see HCI as an intermediate step that users take on the way khổng lồ the software-defined data center. More than a third of IT managers (34 percent) attest that giải pháp công nghệ plays a crucial role. One thing is certain: In the current debate, how companies manage their own data centers